Mirabai Chanu qualifier for Paris 2024 Olympics

Mirabai Chanu Secures Paris 2024 Olympics Qualification at IWF World Cup

In a triumphant return to competition, Mirabai Chanu has stamped her ticket to the Paris 2024 Olympics after meeting the final qualification criteria at the IWF World Cup held in Phuket, Thailand. Competing for the first time since the Asian Games last year, Chanu’s stellar performance places her in contention for Olympic glory once again.

The Tokyo 2020 silver medalist showcased her prowess by clinching third place in Group B and securing the 12th spot overall with a remarkable total lift of 184kg (81kg snatch + 103kg clean and jerk). Despite a six-month absence due to injury, Chanu exhibited exceptional strength and determination, reaffirming her status as a formidable force in weightlifting.

The road to Paris was not without its challenges, as Chanu navigated through the rigorous qualification process mandated by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF). According to the rules, weightlifters must attend both the 2023 World Weightlifting Championships and the 2024 IWF World Cup to be eligible for the upcoming Summer Games.

Chanu fulfilled her obligations by attending the weigh-in at the 2023 World Championships in Riyadh, although she did not compete to prioritize her fitness for the Asian Games. Furthermore, she participated in other essential events, including the 2022 World Championships and the 2023 Asian Championships, solidifying her eligibility for Paris 2024.

With her impressive performance at the IWF World Cup, Chanu has not only secured a quota for India at the Paris Olympics but has also positioned herself as a strong contender for Olympic success. Her resilience and dedication serve as an inspiration to aspiring athletes worldwide, underscoring the power of perseverance in the face of adversity.

As the countdown to the Paris 2024 Olympics begins, all eyes will be on Mirabai Chanu as she prepares to etch her name in the annals of sporting history once again. With her unwavering determination and unwavering spirit, Chanu stands poised to make her mark on the world stage and bring glory to her nation.

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