Traffic Update for Chennai during TATA IPL 2024 Matches

Traffic Update for Chennai IPL 2024: As the city gears up for the TATA IPL 2024 matches at the renowned M.A. Chidambaram Cricket Stadium in Chennai, residents and commuters are advised to take note of the temporary traffic arrangements and diversions implemented to facilitate smooth movement during match days.

Traffic Changes Overview: From 17:00 to 23:00 on match days, several roads surrounding the M.A. Chidambaram Cricket Stadium will experience temporary alterations to accommodate the surge in spectators, officials, and vehicles.

Road-Specific Traffic Adjustments:

  1. Victoria Hostel Road (Canal Road):
    • One-way entry allowed from Bharathi Salai x Victoria Hostel Road junction.
    • No entry permitted from Wallajah Road x Victoria Hostel Road junction.
  2. Bells Road:
    • Converted into a one-way street with entry permitted from Bharathi Salai x Bells Road junction.
    • MTC buses from Kannagi Statue diverted at Bharathi Salai x Bells Road junction towards Ratna cafe junction and T.H.Road.
  3. Bharathi Salai:
    • Vehicles from Ratna cafe junction diverted towards Bells Road and Wallajah Road.
    • No entry towards Kannagi Statue at Bharathi Salai x Bells Road junction.
  4. Wallajah Road:
    • Vehicles with parking permits M, T, V, and MTC buses redirected towards Labour Statue – Kamarajar Salai – Kannagi Statue – Bharathi Salai.
    • Vehicles with parking permits B & R directed to park at MRTS and Pattabiram Gate.
  5. Kamarajar Salai:
    • Vehicles with permits M, T, V allowed through Bharathi Salai, Canal Road. Others diverted to Foreshore Service Road for parking.
    • Vehicles with permits B & R allowed via Bharathi Salai, Bells Road & Wallajah Road to park at MRTS and Pattabiraman Gate. No entry towards Wallajah Road at Labour Statue.

Vehicles without Permits:

  • Specific routes outlined for vehicles without permits from Anna Salai, War Memorial, and Gandhi Statue to ensure smooth parking arrangements on Foreshore Service Road.

Request for Cooperation: Motorists and residents are urged to cooperate with the temporary traffic arrangements during the TATA IPL 2024 matches. Adhering to these changes will facilitate smooth traffic flow and contribute to the safety and enjoyment of the event.

Conclusion: With these temporary traffic adjustments in place, authorities aim to minimize congestion and ensure hassle-free movement of vehicles and pedestrians during the TATA IPL 2024 matches in Chennai. Cooperation from all stakeholders is crucial in making this event a success. Let’s unite to support our beloved sport and city.

[Source: Greater Chennai Traffic Police Twitter – @ChennaiTraffic]