Fans Express Discontent Over Hardik Pandya Conduct Towards Cricket Legends

Ever since his appointment as the captain of the Mumbai Indians in the IPL 2024, Hardik Pandya’s tenure has been marred by controversy and dissatisfaction among fans. The decision to remove Rohit Sharma from captaincy and replace him with Pandya sparked widespread criticism and has led to a series of unsettling incidents within the Mumbai Indians team.

Videos circulating on the internet purportedly show Pandya displaying disrespect towards Rohit Sharma, both during training sessions and on the field. These incidents have fueled speculation about Pandya’s attitude, with many fans expressing concerns about his behavior, particularly in his new role as captain.

Adding fuel to the fire, a recent video depicting Pandya allegedly insulting former Sri Lankan player and Mumbai Indians legend Lasith Malinga has further aggravated fans. Malinga, who currently serves as the bowling coach for the Mumbai Indians, is revered for his contributions to the team’s success over the years.

In the video, following a match against the Sunrisers team, Malinga extends a gesture of goodwill by attempting to hug Pandya as the players make their way back to the dressing room. However, Pandya’s apparent rejection of the embrace has left fans dismayed and questioning his treatment of a cricketing icon like Malinga.

The incident has sparked a wave of criticism from fans, who view Pandya’s actions as disrespectful and unbecoming of a captain. Many have taken to social media to express their discontent, urging Pandya to show more respect towards cricketing legends like Malinga, who have played pivotal roles in shaping the Mumbai Indians‘ legacy.

Malinga’s contributions to the Mumbai Indians cannot be understated, and his status as a legendary figure within the franchise demands a certain level of reverence. Fans argue that Pandya’s behavior not only tarnishes Malinga’s reputation but also reflects poorly on the team as a whole.

Hardik Pandya left Mumbai Indians in 2021 for captaincy. He returned to Mumbai Indians for captaincy. I don’t know why he’s so hungry for it ? He should focus on his performance first.

Ravi Shastri said

As the controversies surrounding Pandya continue to mount, it remains to be seen how the Mumbai Indians management will address the situation. However, one thing is clear: Pandya’s conduct towards cricketing legends like Malinga is a cause for concern among fans, who expect better from their team’s captain.