Top 10 Women Premier League Players by Most Wickets

Most Wickets in WPL: The Women’s women’s premier league Players has witnessed exceptional bowling performances from talented cricketers around the globe. Here are the top 10 bowlers who have made significant impacts in the history of the tournament.

Most Wickets in WPL

Here is the list of players by most wickets in Women Premier League history.

RankPlayerMatchesOversMaidensRunsWicketsBest BowlingAverageEconomyStrike Rate3 Wickets5 Wickets
1Hayley Matthews342202163/512.625.9412.7540
2Sophie Ecclestone35.30235164/1314.686.6113.3120
3Amelia Kerr32.41211153/2214.066.4513.0610
4Issy Wong32.30210154/1514.006.4613.0030
5Saika Ishaque34.52244154/1116.267.0013.9330
6Kim Garth250193115/3617.547.7213.6301
7Shikha Pandey320211103/2321.106.5919.2020
8Natalie Sciver-Brunt320228103/2122.807.1219.2010
9Ashleigh Gardner27.40255103/3125.509.2116.6020
10Marizanne Kapp36220695/1522.885.7224.0001
Most Wickets in WPL

Hayley Matthews

Topping the charts with 16 wickets, Matthews has been a consistent wicket-taker with an exceptional economy rate of 5.94.

Sophie Ecclestone

Ecclestone’s left-arm spin has been lethal, with 16 wickets and an average of 14.68.

Amelia Kerr

Kerr’s leg-spin variations have troubled batsmen, resulting in 15 wickets at an average of 14.06.

Issy Wong

Wong’s pace and accuracy have earned her 15 wickets, including a best of 4/15.

Saika Ishaque

Ishaque’s off-spin has been effective, accounting for 15 dismissals at an average of 16.26.

Kim Garth

Garth’s remarkable 5/36 highlights her ability to deliver breakthroughs for her team.

Shikha Pandey

Pandey’s swing bowling has fetched her 10 wickets at an average of 21.10.

Natalie Sciver-Brunt

Combining her batting prowess with handy bowling, Sciver-Brunt has contributed 10 wickets to her team’s cause.

Ashleigh Gardner

Gardner’s off-spin has been effective, claiming 10 wickets at an average of 25.50.

Marizanne Kapp

Kapp’s consistent performances have earned her 9 wickets, including a memorable 5/15 haul.

These bowlers have played pivotal roles in stifling opposition batting line-ups and shaping the outcomes of matches in the Women’s premier league Players with their remarkable bowling prowess.


  1. Consistency: Hayley Matthews has displayed remarkable consistency with an average of 12.62, taking 16 wickets in 10 matches. Sophie Ecclestone closely follows with a commendable average of 14.68.
  2. Economy Rate: Saika Ishaque boasts the best economy rate at 5.94, while Shikha Pandey maintains a balance between economy and wicket-taking ability with an average of 6.59.
  3. Strike Rate: Among the top performers, Amelia Kerr stands out with a striking rate of 13.06, indicating her ability to take wickets at a rapid pace.
  4. Match-Winning Performances: Kim Garth and Marizanne Kapp have delivered match-winning performances with a 5-wicket haul each, making them key players for their respective teams.

These bowling statistics showcase the exceptional talent and contributions of these players to women’s cricket. Their ability to consistently take wickets, control the run rate, and deliver match-winning performances adds excitement and depth to the game. As fans eagerly anticipate more thrilling encounters, these bowlers are sure to play crucial roles in shaping the outcomes of future matches.


Hayley Matthews:

Question: What distinguishes Hayley Matthews’ bowling performance in international cricket?

Answer: Matthews showcases consistency and impact, with an impressive average and a knack for securing key wickets.

Sophie Ecclestone:

Question: What sets Sophie Ecclestone apart as a formidable force in women’s cricket?

Answer: Ecclestone’s stellar economy rate and ability to consistently take wickets make her a standout performer.

Amelia Kerr:

Question: What notable attribute defines Amelia Kerr’s bowling style?

Answer: Kerr’s remarkable strike rate of 13.06 reflects her ability to dismantle opposition batting line-ups swiftly.

Issy Wong:

Question: How does Issy Wong contribute to her team’s success with her bowling?

Answer: Wong’s economical bowling and knack for taking crucial wickets make her a valuable asset for her team.

Saika Ishaque:

Question: What aspect of Saika Ishaque’s bowling stands out in international matches?

Answer: Ishaque impresses with an economy rate of 5.94, highlighting her ability to control the run flow and take wickets.

Kim Garth:

Question: What memorable performance defines Kim Garth’s impact on the field?

Answer: Garth’s match-winning 5-wicket haul exemplifies her capability to turn the tide in favor of her team.

Shikha Pandey:

Question: How does Shikha Pandey contribute to her team’s success as a bowler?

Answer: Pandey’s balanced performance, with an average of 21.10 and key wickets, showcases her all-around bowling skills.

Natalie Sciver-Brunt:

Question: What role does Natalie Sciver-Brunt play in maintaining pressure on opponents?

Answer: With an economy rate of 7.12, Sciver-Brunt contributes to her team’s success by applying consistent pressure on opponents.

Ashleigh Gardner:

Question: How does Ashleigh Gardner impact crucial moments in a match with her bowling?

Answer: Gardner’s ability to strike at critical moments, coupled with her economy rate, makes her a valuable asset for her team.

Marizanne Kapp:

Question: What key statistics highlight Marizanne Kapp’s impact on the game?

Answer: Kapp’s exceptional economy rate of 5.72 and a match-winning 5-wicket haul underscore her significant impact on the field.