Cricketing Milestones Highest Individual Scores on Day 1 of Tests in India Since 2011

Highest Individual Scores Cricket history in India has witnessed stellar performances, and Day 1 of Test matches has been a canvas for some remarkable innings.

Highest Individual Scores

Yashasvi Jaiswal Spectacular 179*

  • Year: 2024
  • Opponent: England
  • Unbeaten Brilliance: Yashasvi Jaiswal’s monumental innings of 179* stands as the highest individual score on Day 1 in Tests in India since 2011. A display of class and determination, this innings set a new benchmark for opening day performances.

Rohit Sharma Commanding 161

  • Year: 2021
  • Opponent: England
  • Flamboyance Personified: Rohit Sharma innings of 161 showcased his dominance and flair. The ‘Hitman’ took charge against the English attack, leaving an imprint on the match and contributing significantly to India’s success.

Virat Kohli Unbeaten 156* Against Sri Lanka

  • Year: 2017
  • Opponent: Sri Lanka
  • Captain’s Innings: Virat Kohli’s unbeaten 156 against Sri Lanka in 2017 was a testament to his captaincy and batting prowess. The innings displayed resilience and a hunger for big scores.

Murali Vijay Solid 155 Against Sri Lanka

  • Year: 2017
  • Opponent: Sri Lanka
  • Opening Day Statement: Murali Vijay’s innings of 155 set the tone for a dominating Test match against Sri Lanka. His composed and solid display at the top of the order contributed significantly to India’s success.

Highest Individual Scores on Day 1 – Table

Yashasvi Jaiswal179*England2024
Rohit Sharma161England2021
Virat Kohli156*Sri Lanka2017
Murali Vijay155Sri Lanka2017
  • The recent brilliance of Yashasvi Jaiswal unbeaten 179* has set a new record, showcasing the potential of the young talent in Indian cricket.
  • Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli, two stalwarts of Indian cricket, have consistently delivered impactful performances on Day 1, providing stability and firepower.
  • The twin innings by Murali Vijay against Sri Lanka in 2017 underline the batsman’s ability to dominate and set the stage for team success.

From the flamboyance of Rohit Sharma to the captain’s grit displayed by Virat Kohli and the emergence of young stars like Yashasvi Jaiswal, these innings are etched in the annals of Indian cricket history. Each knock contributes to the rich tapestry of memorable performances on the opening day of Test matches.